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 The database is at present a simple spreadsheet, one row for each pencil, that you can download and sort as you wish.

It records basic details of all the writing pencils that I know of - both mine and from the various other people that have contributed to the database. The last field is the owner of each pencil so that you can contact them if required.

What fields have I used?  I've chosen, arbitrarily, what seems like a set of fields that makes sense and will be easy to collect. However I am flexible, some contributors have used slightly different data. That's fine, I'll record whatever you give me.


Manufacturers brand name writing pencils, typically marked with a makers name, model name and number. (eg Staedtler Tradition 110). Not souvenir, advertising or novelty pencils.


  • a reference for collectors

  • to help date pencils

  • why not?