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Are you interested in swapping pencils?

I've swapped pencils with dozens of people over the last few years: I haven't counted but I reckon I've swapped over a thousand pencils, and bought a thousand more. If you are interested in swapping pencils with me, read on.  If you have a pencil collection you'd like to sell, click here.

What can I offer?

When I started this site I listed all my duplicate pencils that I was offering for swap. The response was so great as to be almost overwhelming (in one five week period I received 160 pencils) so I can't keep such a list up to date. Usually my pot of spares contains between 5 and 150 pencils - so there should be something for you, Here's what I typically offer.

New Writing Pencils

 I can find a dozen different UK and other different models without too much trouble.

Old Writing Pencils

I usually have a few spares - contact me and I'll send you a list.

New Advertising Pencils

I buy these when I see them. Normally I'll have duplicates from the last few places I visited. I live in London, so often have pencils from London sites, museums, galleries etc

Old Advertising Pencils

 I have about 1000 US and other pencils - of all ages. I would swap these for writing pencils

What would I like in return?

Writing Pencils

Any manufacturers brand name pencils that I don't already have - including variations on pencils that I have e.g. with/without eraser, different colours or different text). The Pencil Database gives a list of what I have. If it doesn't seem up to date email me and I'll send you a new list.

Left Handed Pencils

I am always on the lookout for left handed pencils of any description.

Pencils with slogans

I like pencils with slogans on them - the wordier the better. Old new, domestic foreign. slogans are good!

Pencil related ephemera

Advertising, Blotters, Posters whatever.
I also buy this sort of stuff

What makes a good swap?

In general I would like to swap like for like. So if you are interested in the common retail pencils then all you need to do is nip out to the shops and gather a similar bundle. If you want old pencils - yoshould start visitng local flea markets!  I have found by experience this is the best way - attempts to create an exhange rate (one old pencil = two new etc) don't really satisfy either party.


Not sure? Can we trust each other?

Well, please please email me and discuss it. So far I must have swapped about 1000 pencils with a number of different collectors, mainly from the US but also in the UK, on the continent and with South America. I would be particularly keen to hear from collectors in other countries as well

If you are from the US then please e-mail  - or download my databse - before shopping and I will email you a list of current US pencils I already possess and don't want to duplicate (this list is beginning to grow as I embark upon these swaps!)

If you have a pencil collection to sell

They are difficult to value, but I do buy pencils for cash. email me and we'll discuss. If you have inherited a collection that you want to find a good home for also let me know, I might be able to help.